Leadership Team

Reliaguard’s management team consists of linemen with over 100 years of combined experience, injection and thermoform manufacturing specialists with over 50 years of combined experience, plastic blenders/chemical engineers, and business executives with experience in taking quality products to global markets. The team includes:

Marty Niles

Chief Product Officer and Founder

Marty Niles began his career as a power lineman and spent 25 years in the field as a transmission and distribution operations lineman at TransAlta and Fortis.

In 2001, Marty founded Cantega after realizing there had to be technologies available to design and manufacture better fitting cover-up to prevent the prevalent issue of bird and animal caused power outages in substations. Greenjacket is the precise-fit engineered solution that he developed for substations.  Carrying through with his passion, Marty knew that there were better solutions that could be carried through to prevent wildlife caused outages on the powerline and pressed for the formation of Reliaguard.  Reliaguard was formed in 2015 with a new management team to ensure this start-up subsidiary had the focus necessary to get it quickly to market.  The guard products for Reliaguard leverage the design expertise of Marty and his team of linemen and designers at Cantega.  The manufacturing process for Reliaguard is different from Greenjacket where Reliaguard uses thermoform and injection mold manufacturing for the production of its guards.

Marty’s ability to envision and create products that have a strong value in contributing to improving Reliability at electrical utilities help lead the strategy and development initiatives at Reliaguard.  As the founder of all things cover-up, Marty’s industry expertise is highly valued at Reliaguard.  His expertise is shared with the utility industry as he is often a speaker at electrical industry conventions and events with the purpose of educating utility sector managers on protection, design and operational deployment considerations for installing cover-up toward improving Reliability.

Management Team



Billy Huard brings 15 years of sales and management experience to Reliaguard.  Prior to his business career, Billy spent 12 years as a professional hockey player and retired from the NHL in 2000. Billy joined Cantega Technologies in 2014 as the VP of Business Development for Greenjacket. Since joining Cantega, Billy has spearheaded the retention of key management personnel for injection mold and thermoform manufacturing processes.  His team approach and philosophy of getting the right players in to the right roles has allowed Cantega to launch the Reliaguard product line. Billy has worked for companies such as Oakley where he was responsible for brand and key account management and ICU Medical where he led a sales team and was responsible for key account growth.  Billy brought the core management team for Reliaguard to the company through his personal contacts in the manufacturing and plastics blending industry. Billy is an exceptional relationship manager and has built out a sales support team and developed agent and distributor relationships to support the growth of Reliaguard.  While new to the utility industry, Billy has rapidly learned from Marty and Keith all of the electrical equipment components at risk for wildlife caused outages.  This knowledge coupled with Billy’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for building a start-up company has created a get-it-done culture at Reliaguard  has taken the company to profitability in its first 24 months of conducting business.

John Wathen


John holds an Industrial Engineering degree as well as a degree in Business Finance; he leads Reliaguard’s manufacturing and operations. John started his career with Atlas-Alchem Plastics working in manufacturing and quality. Then with Spartech Plastics he migrated to the business side where he managed the sales and customer service teams. As the Operations Manager, John then oversaw 3 manufacturing locations with strong Lean Six Sigma and 5-S processes, 250 employees and producing 90 million pounds of materials. Later as the Business Manager for Spartech, John oversaw the Western Region business unit with P&L and overall business responsibility for the $100M group. He also served on the Spartech Corporation Executive Team managing a $1.5B corporation. Over the past 25 years John has helped navigate and grow businesses through economic down turns and competitive market environments. John’s large company experience in general business, finance and operations, as well as his keen interest in seeing a start-up grow from the ground up; positions Reliaguard well for meeting the demand of a high volume operation.

Gayle Howard


Gayle graduated from University of Saskatchewan with a Commerce degree having a double major in Marketing and General Business and manages strategy and marketing execution for Reliaguard.

Gayle joined Cantega in 2010 and helped create the Reliaguard brand prior to the incorporation of Reliaguard. Before joining Cantega, Gayle built out the global sales and go to market organization for Teamplate – a start-up software company. She is familiar with getting start-ups to market and revenue positive as Teamplate was her second software start-up venture. Prior to Teamplate, Gayle was the Director of E-business Applications at Sprint in Dallas Texas, leading software hosting market initiatives. In addition to her marketing background, Gayle has extensive experience in strategy development, solution sales, sales management and sales management CRM systems.

Gayle’s business growth and go to market experience is helping position Reliaguard as a best in class product company. She also provides sales tools to grow Reliaguard through an internal sales support team partnering with agents and distributors.

Marshall Rosichuk


Marshall Rosichuk is Reliaguard’s CFO and in addition to leading accounting and finance aspects of the business; he works closely with the executive team on contracts, government registration and taxation requirements as well as general business strategy.

He has over twenty (20) years’ experience as a CFO and consultant to private and public companies in the service, manufacturing and construction sectors. His experience spans the gamut from financial restructuring to implementing management information and accounting systems with a forte in strategic and operational planning and forecasting; in addition to being involved with mergers and acquisitions. He also has a Chartered Professional Accountant or CPA designation.

Keith Yeats


Keith brings 25 years of lineman expertise to the issue of animal and bird caused outages. Keith has experience with de-energized and energized lines and equipment using hot line work methods with both rubber gloves and hot stick methods. Other expertise includes conducting field assessments and coaching field personnel in work methods, procedures and safety. Keith has worked for major utilities such as Fortis and TransAlta. At Cantega and Reliaguard, Keith leads his services team in conducting equipment imaging, designing covers and tools and consults with customers on recommendations for cover-up to best prevent animal and bird caused outages.