Reliatanium, Reliaguard’s proprietary material does not burn or drip



Reliatanium, Reliaguards’s proprietary material, does not burn or drip and meets specific test criteria of the IEEE 1656 – 2010 guide.

Reliatanium Material

Reliaguard® manufactures cover-up products to prevent power outages caused by animal and bird contacts on energized equipment. Formed from Reliatanium™, Reliaguard’s proprietary dielectric material, covers are specially designed to protect both common and unique equipment configurations. Reliatanium is formulated to meet specific test criteria of the IEEE Std 1656™ 2010 performance guide and other critical benchmarks relevant to cover-up application. A few key characteristics that distinguish Reliaguard in the marketplace include:

  • V-0 Flammability – This means it will not burn, is self-extinguishing, and fire damaged material will not drip.
  • The IEEE Std 1656™-2010 is recognized by the electrical industry as the most comprehensive guideline to date for testing wildlife protective devices on overhead power distribution systems.
Competitor cover on fire


Designed to prevent wildlife caused outages, these guards are tested for application on equipment up to 38kV.   

Performance TestTest StandardsDetailsTest Result
FlammabilityUL – 94Vertical Flame Test Test plaques self-extinguishing with no dripsV-0
Ultraviolet AgingIEEE std 1656™ – 2010 Section 5.6After completing 1000 hours, no perceived changes to the condition of test samples.Completed
Tracking and Erosion ResistanceIEC 605876 hrs (Full duration of test)Achieved @ 2KV
Wet Power Frequency FlashoverIEEE Std 1656™-2010 Section 5.3Average flashover value of all samples greater than 90% of the value obtained on the test fixture alonePassed
Wet WithstandIEEE Std 1656™-2010 Section 5.2.1Option 1 – moving Electrode All Samples did not puncture or flash overPassed
Tensile Strength at BreakASTM D6382,000 psi
Shore DurometerASTM D224065 Shore D
Heat DeflectionASTM D648225°F 66 psi
Properties *UnitTest MethodValue
Flexural StrengthpsiASTM D7905,200
Flexural ModuluspsiASTM D790297,500
Tensile Strength @ breakpsiASTM D6382,000
Tensile Strength @ yieldpsiASTM D6382,900
UV Stabilityhrs.ASTM D43291,000

*All tests were conducted in accordance with specified test methods. Reliaguard assumes no liability whatsoever in respect of application, processing, or use made of the aforementioned information or product, or for any infringement of the rights owned or controlled by a third party in intellectual, industrial, or other property by reason of the application, processing or use of the aforementioned information or product by the buyer. Data presented above represent typical properties and are in no way to be construed as guaranteed properties or specifications.