Billy Huard


Billy Huard brings 15 years of sales and management experience to Reliaguard.  Prior to his business career, Billy spent 12 years as a professional hockey player and retired from the NHL in 2000. Billy joined Cantega Technologies in 2014 as the VP of Business Development for Greenjacket. Since joining Cantega, Billy has spearheaded the retention of key management personnel for injection mold and thermoform manufacturing processes.  His team approach and philosophy of getting the right players in to the right roles has allowed Cantega to launch the Reliaguard product line.  

Billy has worked for companies such as Oakley where he was responsible for brand and key account management and ICU Medical where he led a sales team and was responsible for key account growth.  Billy brought the core management team for Reliaguard to the company through his personal contacts in the manufacturing and plastics blending industry.

Billy is an exceptional relationship manager and has built out a sales support team and developed agent and distributor relationships to support the growth of Reliaguard.  While new to the utility industry, Billy has rapidly learned from Marty and Keith all of the electrical equipment components at risk for wildlife caused outages.  This knowledge coupled with Billy’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for building a start-up company has created a get-it-done culture at Reliaguard  has taken the company to profitability in its first 24 months of conducting business.