Marty Niles

Chief Product Officer & Founder

Marty Niles began his career as a power lineman and spent 25 years in the field as a transmission and distribution operations lineman at TransAlta and Fortis.

In 2001, Marty founded Cantega after realizing there had to be technologies available to design and manufacture better fitting cover-up to prevent the prevalent issue of bird and animal caused power outages in substations. Greenjacket is the precise-fit engineered solution that he developed for substations.  Carrying through with his passion, Marty knew that there were better solutions that could be carried through to prevent wildlife caused outages on the powerline and pressed for the formation of Reliaguard.  Reliaguard was formed in 2015 with a new management team to ensure this start-up subsidiary had the focus necessary to get it quickly to market.  The guard products for Reliaguard leverage the design expertise of Marty and his team of linemen and designers at Cantega.  The manufacturing process for Reliaguard is different from Greenjacket where Reliaguard uses thermoform and injection mold manufacturing for the production of its guards.

Marty’s ability to envision and create products that have a strong value in contributing to improving Reliability at electrical utilities help lead the strategy and development initiatives at Reliaguard.  As the founder of all things cover-up, Marty’s industry expertise is highly valued at Reliaguard.  His expertise is shared with the utility industry as he is often a speaker at electrical industry conventions and events with the purpose of educating utility sector managers on protection, design and operational deployment considerations for installing cover-up toward improving Reliability.