Our Roots

The Reliaguard Story

Reliaguard Inc is a subsidiary of Cantega Technologies. Cantega is the recognized leader of providing Precise-fit Engineered Solutions to mitigate wildlife caused power outages in substations – focussed toward improving reliability.

Cantega was founded in 2001 by Marty Niles, a power lineman with over 25 years of experience in the electric industry. As a power lineman, Marty saw first-hand the problem that animals caused both in substations and distribution systems. He quickly came to the realization that existing cover-up was not very effective in solving the problem, due to the inquisitive nature of animals and the poor fit of commodity cover-up. Marty embarked on a journey not just to solve the problem but to create a company focused on the customer, a premium solution and reliability improvement. After extensive consultation with utilities, wildlife experts, polymer chemists, tool-and-die experts, fellow lineman and polymer fabricators – Cantega’s Greenjacket solution was created.

Greenjacket products are an engineered “precise-fit” dielectric polymer cover which is manufactured to protect power substation and critical distribution equipment from animal-caused outages.

Cantega is a rapidly growing company and Greenjacket currently protects over 500 substations for more than 50 utilities and industrial customers throughout North America. Greenjacket is a proven solution that improves SAIDI and SAIFI numbers for utilities dealing with animal-caused outages.

Reliaguard Today

Today, Marty is a recognized industry expert on the subject of animal and bird caused power outages. He speaks regularly at industry events to educate audiences on the problem, available solutions, equipment risk points, equipment protection considerations, industry endorsed material testing, and reliability improvements that can be achieved with proper protection.

Having successfully solved the substation problem with Greenjacket, Marty refocussed his attention on transmission and distribution systems.  There are plenty of companies that provide a variety of animal mitigation products but Marty recognized that there was a significant opportunity to innovate in this market and to provide better products and solutions.

Hence, Reliaguard was formed in 2015 with a mandate to provide a superior portfolio of wildlife mitigation products for the powerline.

After extensive research, we realized that in order to address customer problems we would need to create a new manufacturing material and introduce new manufacturing methods that cost-effectively solve our customers’ problems.  A decision was made by the Cantega Board of Directors to recruit a new team of experts and form a new entrepreneurial and innovative company known as Reliaguard.  The new company would have full access to the expertise and experience of Cantega.