Better Designed Protection Guards

Based on Linemen Expertise specific to equipment risk points

Why We Are Different

We Are Experts in Animal Mitigation and Equipment Protection

Identifying bird and animal species that are present and the risks caused by their proximity from phase to ground, or from phase to phase must be considered when making any coverage recommendations. 

We ONLY do Animal Mitigation and Equipment Protection

Our sole focus is animal mitigation and that is all we do. Unlike many of our competitors where animal mitigation is a just sideline business and where they provide parts – we provide solutions!

We Are Customer / Solution Oriented

We offer you a portfolio of standard guards and a commitment that we will work alongside with you to solve your most difficult problems. Where you have a unique piece of equipment, a unique configuration or a requirement for a hot-stickable cover which is not part of our standard portfolio, we will work with you to design and manufacture a guard that is effective and solves your issue.

What Makes Reliaguard Superior

Our Products Fit Better Install Faster

Our guards are designed to fit your equipment better and will be faster and easier for your team to install on equipment. We realize that the cost of the guard can be a fraction of the overall cost of getting your equipment protected but by saving time on installation by using a guard that is properly designed, we are able to provide the most cost-effective solution.

Our Guards Are Made Using a Superior Material

Our guards are made with a proprietary formulation – “Reliatanium” – and offers the perfect combination of durability, flexibility and fire retardancy. Reliatanium meets specific test criteria of IEEE-1656 and its FR capabilities have resulted in our guards being written into a growing number of utility standards for animal mitigation.

Our Design Process

Our Design Process is Extensive based on Knowledge of Equipment Contact Points and Species at Risk

Reliaguard’s design team has a team of professional CAD developers designing guards specifically for electrical equipment applications. This expertise is supported by linemen who collectively have 100 years of field experience working with electrical equipment on the powerline and in substations and whose expertise has been dedicated to animal and bird-caused outages since 2001. Reliaguard’s designers are led by a professional engineer who oversees the team and their guard design.

When Reliaguard designs a new product, we go through an extensive design process. We identify the specific type and brand of underlying equipment we are trying to protect. We image and plot the equipment dimensions, we CAD model a cover including features to make it lineman installer friendly, and we print models, test with our equipment partners and only after an approved design is affirmed by our equipment partners or customers do we proceed to manufacturing.

5 Easy Steps!

Data Collection

Data is collected from equipment. 

Solution Defined

Drawings and renderings of proposed solutions provided.


Prototyping to quickly provide working samples.

Pre-production Sample

Fine-tuning designs and ensure functionality.


Production methods are determined and tooling is initiated.

Product Materials - The Reliatanium Difference

The Reliatanium Difference

Reliatanium was formulated to meet specific testing guidelines outlined in the IEEE 1656 – 2010 Guide. The product material addresses such concerns as UV Stability and Flame Retardancy and has been tested to a 38KV rating.

THE IEEE GUIDE 1656™-2010 IS:

The Approved Guide for Testing the Electrical, Mechanical and Durability Performance of Wildlife Protective Devices on Overhead Power Distribution Systems Rated up to 38kV.
Recognized by the electrical industry as the most comprehensive guideline to date for testing wildlife protective devices on overhead power distribution systems.

Reliatanium Testing Includes:

  • Flammability Testing
  • Ultraviolet Aging
  • Tracking and Erosion Resistance
  • Wet Power Frequency Flashover
  • Wet Withstand