Hot Stickable Universal Cut-out Guard (CO-10007)

Fused cut-outs, commonly mounted in close proximity to grounded support structures, often experience bird and animal-caused contacts. Due to the sheer number of cut-outs used in power distribution, contacts are a very prevalent cause of power outages. Isolating or de-energizing cut-outs to install guards isn’t always possible and for this reason, Reliaguard has designed its cut-out guard to be applied to energized equipment using accepted live-line work methods.

Better by Design

  • Reliaguard’s design team is composed of CAD technicians, mechanical engineers, and industrial designers who develop guards specifically for electrical equipment applications. Their expertise is supported by a team of linemen who collectively have 100 years of field experience working with electrical equipment on the powerline and in substations.
  • Cut-out guards are designed to accommodate various conductor diameters all the while providing superior coverage of energized components at risk of bird and animal contact. By fully enclosing the bolted connection, probable points of contact are eliminated and guards are better secured to equipment. Both porcelain and polymer cut-outs can be protected whether energized or de-energized installation is required.

Superior material

  • All Reliaguard products are made from Reliatanium, a proprietary material designed by Reliaguard’s chemical engineering founders.
  • Reliatanium achieves a V-0 flammability classification, the highest rating for the UL 94 test standard and has a 15+ year lifespan.

Ease of installation

Power linemen like our products because:

  • Reliaguard® Cut-out Guards are designed to stay in place for the long run. Full protection and retention is critical in preventing contacts and in improving reliability.
  • Guards can accommodate various conductor diameters. That includes bare or coated cables and even those shielded with conductor cover like GreyEEL.
  • Fit a wide range of porcelain and polymer cut-out models
  • Easy to install de-energized or energized using a common Grip-All stick.

Fits the following equipment manufacturers’ products:

  • MacLean SC27SG112-D polymer
  • Aluma-Form
  • CSG27100 polymer
  • ABB X5JENN0000S polymer
  • Peak Design small porcelain
  • S&C small porcelain
  • May fit other porcelain or polymer cut-outs

Technical Features

Designed to prevent wildlife caused outages, these guards are tested for application on equipment up to 38kV.   

Product NamePart NumberHeight Dimension *Diameter Dimension *Additional Dimension *Min Order Quantity
Hot Stickable Universal Cut-Out GuardCO-100075.5 (137.5)4.59 (116.5)2.9 (73.7) base port12

*Dimensions in inches (millimeters)

HS Cutout Guard Installation Guide


Using the hotstick holes on the cutout guard, pull it over the top skirt of the insulator. Ensure the conductor is routed up and out, and only the top skirt is inside the guard, as shown.


Using the included hotstick spur, apply the wedge clip to front of the cutout guard, pulling it down until fully engaged. Insert pin into either side, ensuring it inserts below the cutout’s top hood. Fully seat the pin with a
firm push.


Ensure cutout guard is secured by testing movement with rear hotstick holes. Installation is complete.