ReliaWrap Pole Wrap
(RW – 30100; RW – 36036; RW - 36048)

ReliaWrap is a premium grade pole wrap formed from a 0.040″ thick UV stabilized polymer. ReliaWrap is designed to be a barrier to prevent animals such as squirrels, racoons and other climbing animals from reaching energized structures. ReliaWrap also prevents destructive species such as woodpeckers from damaging poles.

Better by Design

  • Based on the 100 years of collective knowledge of the Reliaguard linemen who specialize in wildlife mitigation, Reliaguard product designs take into consideration all contact risk areas.
  • ReliaWrap is cut to various sizes based upon the application a utility will be deploying.

Ease of installation

Power linemen and substation technicians like our products because:
  • ReliaWrap is fastened with nails or screws
  • ReliaWrap will not rip or tear

Fits the following equipment manufacturers’ products:

  • For Wooden Poles
Product # Description / Size
RW-30100 ReliaWrap – 30” x 100’ – Rolls
RW-36036 ReliaWrap -36 x 36 – pre-cut sheet*
RW-36048 ReliaWrap -36 x 48 – pre-cut sheet*

*  “Pre-Cut Sheet” packaged in quantities of 12