Transformers are the most common perch point for wildlife. Transformer bushing guards protect endangered species, birds, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, feral cats and other wildlife from contact with energized risk points. The contact risk points on a bushing are typically from a phase to ground contact.

Better by Design

  • Based on the 100 years of collective knowledge of the Reliaguard linemen who specialize in wildlife mitigation, designs consider all risk points. A team of CAD designers support our linemen to incorporate features unique to only Reliaguard Bushing Guards.
  • Bushing guards are manufactured with a superior latch closure design to ensure the bushing guards stay where they are installed. The latch closure design provides an optimal method of ensuring covers can’t be inadvertently dislodged.
Superior latch closure design

Superior material

  • All Reliaguard products are made from Reliatanium, a proprietary material designed by Reliaguard’s chemical engineering founders.
  • Reliatanium achieves a V-0 flammability classification, the highest rating for the UL 94 test standard and has a 15+ year lifespan.

Ease of installation

Power linemen like our products for the following features:

  • Reliaguard® Bushing Guards are designed to stay in place. Retention of the cover once applied is a critical design feature to be considered.
  • Manufactured with a superior closure design to ensure the bushing covers stay where they are installed
  • Product features an interior shelf to ensure cover does not slip below the first skirt of an insulator which eliminates tracking
  • Guards can accommodate conductor exiting at various angles
  • Fits a wide range of single phase transformers
  • Best results are achieved when installed with GreyEEL Conductor Cover

Fits the following equipment manufacturers’ products:

  • Most overhead transformer bushings

Small Transformer Bushing Guards

#4 Small Bushing Guard
#5S Small Mesh Bushing Guard
#5S Small Mesh Bushing Guard
#8S Small Mesh Bushing Guard
#8S Small Solid Bushing Guard

Technical Features

Designed to prevent wildlife caused outages, these guards are tested for application on equipment up to 38kV.   

Small Solid Bushing Guard

Small Mesh Bushing Guard

Product Name Part Number Height Dimension* Diameter Dimension* Additional Dimension* Min Order Quantity
#4 – Small Bushing Guard w/ Loop Latch BC-14991 5.6 (142.2) 5 (127) 2.25 (57.2) base port 24
#5 – Small Bushing – Solid- 2.25” base BC-15010 5.6 (142.2) 5 (127) 2.25 (57.2) base port 24
#5 – Small Bushing – Mesh – 2.25” base BC-15008 5.6 (142.2) 5 (127) 2.25 (57.2) base port 24
#5 Small Bushing – Small Base 1.8” base BC-16003 5.6 (142.2) 5 (127) 1.8 (45.7) base port 24
#5 Small Bushing – Mesh – Small Base 1.8” BC-16005 14.9 (378.5) 8.3 (210.8) 1.8 (45.7) base port 24
#8 – Small Bushing Guard BC-15028 15 (381) 8.25 (210) 3.5 (88.9) base port 6
#8 – Small Bushing Guard – Mesh BC-15030 15 (381) 8.25 (210) 3.5 (88.9) base port 6

*Dimensions in inches (millimeters)

Bushing Guard Installation Guide



Align one side of the Reliaguard Bushing Guard under the bushing’s uppermost shed. If installing Reliaguard GreyEEL® conductor guard onto conductor, refer to the GreyEEL® installation guide prior to alignment.


Route the conductor out the seam of the Guard at the small fingers. Close the Bushing Guard so that the two loop latches fit into the opposite half’s square receptacles.


Ensure guard is closed by firmly pressing body halves together. This will engage loop latches into their receptacles. Check both loop latches are fully engaged. Thru-holes are provided for the optional use of push pins or zip ties as a secondary closure. These are not required for retention and are provided only for convenience of users who prefer a secondary closure method.


Remove Bushing Guard by clipping the zip ties or heads off the black pins with suitable cutter. Then pressing in both loop latch snaps. Separate guard to remove.