Solid Blade Disconnect Guard 900 amp (CO-20002)

Almost every major powerline or equipment in a substation has an associated means of completely isolating it from other energized elements as a prudent means of insuring safety by preventing accidental energization. These simple switches, called disconnects, are usually installed on both sides of the equipment or line upon which work is to be done. They should not be operated while the connected circuit is energized, but only after the circuit is deenergized. As a further precaution, they may be opened by means of an insulated stick that helps the operator keep a distance from the switch.

Better by Design

  • Based on the 100 years of collective knowledge of the Reliaguard linemen who specialize in wildlife mitigation, designs consider all risk points. A team of CAD designers support linemen to incorporate features unique to Reliaguard Solid Blade Disconnect Guards.
  • Disconnect guards are designed to accommodate various conductor diameters providing superior coverage of the energized connection point and to ensure the Switch Guards stay where they are installed.
  • Disconnect Guards fit both porcelain and polymer cut-outs

Superior material

  • All Reliaguard products are made from Reliatanium, a proprietary material designed by Reliaguard’s chemical engineering founders.
  • Reliatanium achieves a V-0 flammability classification, the highest rating for the UL 94 test standard and has a 15+ year lifespan.

Ease of installation

Power linemen like our products because:

  • Reliaguard® Solid Blade Disconnect Guards are designed to stay in place. Retention of the cover once applied is a critical design feature to be considered
  • Guards can accommodate various conductor diameters
  • Fits a wide range of porcelain and polymer switches
  • Reliaguard Disconnect Guards are made in hot-stickable versions
  • Best results are achieved when installed with GreyEEL Conductor Cover

Fits the following equipment manufacturers’ products:

  • AlumaForm
  • Cooper #CPS127741L
  • ABB ‘Type SID’ 25kv

Technical Features

Designed to prevent wildlife caused outages, these guards are tested for application on equipment up to 38kV.   

Product NamePart NumberHeight Dimension *Diameter Dimension *Additional Dimension *Min Order Quantity
Solid Blade Disconnect Guard 900ampCO-2000211.75 (298.5)4.9 (124.5)1.51 (38.4) base port12

*Dimensions in inches (millimeters)