Regulators typically have reduced clearances because of their characteristic design and how they are commonly configured. These nominal clearances create a high risk for bird and animal contact. The high cost of replacing a regulator is another reason why it is crucial to protect such an important system asset.

Reliaguard® Regulator Guards offer complete coverage of energized components including series arresters and brackets, bushing terminals, and wire connectors. Reliaguard Regulator Guards have an overlapping design to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. Regulator Guards are available for Cooper and Siemens regulators with more in development.


  • Adjustable design to accomodate a wide variety of shunt arresters and connection angles
  • Overlapping design to ensure there are no gaps in coverage
  • One box solution –  all parts needed to protect one single phase regulator

Technical Features

Designed to prevent wildlife caused outages, these guards are tested for application on equipment up to 38kV.   

Product Name Part Number Height Dimension* Width Diameter* Depth Dimension* Pack Size (MOQ)
Universal Regulator Kit RK-11101K 13 (330.2) 10 (254) 7 (177.8) 1

*Dimensions in inches (millimeters)