Wildlife Hot Stick Disc

The Reliaguard Wildlife Hot stick Disc is a barrier used to isolate climbing animals thus preventing them from making a phase to ground contact. Wildlife Hot stick Discs are typically used on poles and substations. These guards protect tree frogs, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, other wildlife from contact with energized risk points. The contact risk points are typically from a phase to ground contact.

Better by Design

  • Based on the 100 years of collective knowledge of the Reliaguard linemen who specialize in wildlife mitigation, designs consider all risk points. A team of CAD designers support our linemen to incorporate features unique to only Wildlife Hot stick Discs.
  • Wildlife Hot stick Discs are designed as a two-piece barrier. The one size fits all design is adjustable to the interior flight diameter of most insulators.

Superior material

  • All Reliaguard products are made from “FRGuard” material, a proprietary material designed by Reliaguard’s chemical engineering founders.
  • Reliatanium achieves a V-0 flammability classification, the highest rating for the UL 94 test standard and has a 15+ year lifespan.
  • Reliatanium material properties incorporate UV stability and flame retardancy
  • Rigid and robust material in properties and design
  • Tested to meet specific guidelines of IEEE 1656-2010

Ease of installation

Power linemen like our products because:

  • Reliaguard® Wildlife Hot stick Discs are designed to stay in place. Retention of the cover once applied is a critical design feature to be considered.
  • Fits a wide range of insulators
Wildlife Hotstick Discs 16”
Wildlife Hotstick Discs 20”
Wildlife Hotstick Discs 24”

Technical Features

Designed to prevent wildlife caused outages, these guards are tested for application on equipment up to 38kV.   

Product Name Part Number Outside Diameter* Inside Diameter* Width* Pack Size (MOQ)
Wildlife Hot Stick Disc -24 PD-0624 24 (609.6) 2.5-6.0 (63.5-152.4) 0.5 (12.7) 12
Wildlife Hot Stick Disc -20 PD-0620 20 (508) 2.5-6.0 (63.5-152.4) 0.5 (12.7) 12
Wildlife Hot Stick Disc -16 PD-0616 16 (406.4) 2.5-6.0 (63.5-152.4) 0.5 (12.7) 12

*Dimensions in inches (millimeters)

Wildlife Hot Stick Disc



Determine the diameter needed to fit equipment.


Trim along edge using snips or shears.


Grab disc loops with hot stick and push or pull onto equipment